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[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, so read on only if you have already watched the episode.]

At the end of last week’s The Walking Dead episode, Carol informed Rick that to help prevent the spread of the virus, she had been one that killed Tyreese’s girlfriend once she got sick . What would Rick do with that information? We got our answer this evening when — after taking Carol out on a supply run — Rick told her she was not welcome to come back to the prison with him because he did not want her around his kids. And then, after giving her some supplies, he left her.

Brutal. Personally, I’m kind of Team Carol on this one. If she could have stopped the spread of the disease (and thereby saved more lives) by killing two people that were going to die in a few hours anyway, it was worth a shot. You know, the whole greater good and all. However, Rick certainly didn’t see it that way. But how does the woman who played Carol feel about the controversial evolution of her character? We found out when we spoke to Melissa McBride on Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) the other day, and you can hear the entire conversation right here on the InsideTV Podcast by clicking on the audio player below.

McBride sheds light on what happened to turn her character into Carol 2.0, and traces the change back to the tragedy with her daughter Sophia. “She’s definitely not wanting to have to go through that again and have anyone else have to go through that again,” says McBride. “She was so unable to do anything, so just helpless in her own way, when she knew better. But she just couldn’t do it. It’s a metamorphosis.” McBride said the biggest change is not just knowing what needs to be done, but actually then going and doing it. “She’s drudging up her courage, and she’s making choices and that’s something until now she was really unable to do. And she’s following through.”

Unfortunately for her, Farmer Rick wasn’t so impressed with new Can-Do Carol and abandoned her, so there’s no telling at this point if and when we will see her again. But even though her character’s fate now remains a big question mark, McBride still loves what new showrunner Scott M. Gimple has done this season. “It feels like we’re getting to know a lot more about each of the characters this season,” she says. “I think there’s a really good balance. Each showrunner has had a really great different vision and as an actor it’s been really interesting to work with each of them. And then this season I think we’re getting a really nice balance too of action and really good character development. I’m just loving it. I’ve loved every season and this season so far is my favorite.

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