TiVo, SchmiVo. Sometimes you still watch commercials, right? Find out who's soundtracking the earwormiest new ones here

By EW Staff
November 01, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Moto X Kanye West, ”Black Skinhead”
Generic smartphones are for jerks; customize your device (or dog, or body) to the sound of Yeezy’s gloriously aggro anthem. Just don’t focus too hard on the lyrics about racism, religion, and sex with “300 bitches.” Because, look: Puppy! In sunglasses! Find the song On 2013’s Yeezus.

Budweiser Miike Snow, ”Paddling Out”
Ah, just another all-American evening on the town: bright lights, hot urbanites, cold domestic brews…and Euro-beats courtesy of the two Swedish hipsters who gave the world Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” Find the song On 2012’s Happy to You.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch LCD Soundsystem, ”Someone Great”
Come in, Chief Quimby! What’s cooler than Captain Kirk, Dick Tracy, and the Hoff muttering into space-age wrist transmitters? Having them do it to LCD’s throbbing dance-rock lament. Find the song On 2007’s Sound of Silver.

LG Electronics Lily Allen, ”Littlest Things”
Because nothing says “Please enjoy your cold milk and crisp produce” like a super-sad, cockney-accented breakup ballad. Find the song On 2006’s Alright, Still.

iPhone 5S Goldfrapp, ”Ooh La La”
Did you know that iPhones now come in gold? No? Okay, here’s Alison Goldfrapp cooing while molten gold oozes goldily through the gold, er, air. Find the song On 2005’s Supernature.

Expedia Electric Guest, ”Waves”
Apparently, air travel is easy-breezy when you’ve got the right website (and retro-rock romp). Instead of the mile-high purgatory of knee-banging beverage carts, armrest hogs, and stale-peanut mouth breathers we know. Find the song On 2012’s Mondo.

Target Jocelyn Alice & Right the Stars, ”So Groovy (Reach Out of the Darkness)”
Hostess Motivation 101: Cue up a jazzy cover of the 1967 flower-child classic — because you know that honey won’t drizzle itself over blue cheese. Find the song On iTunes.

Nissan Juke Beat Assailant, ”Rain or Shine”
The gravity-defying stunts shown here shouldn’t be attempted at home — unless you’ve got a sweet electro soundtrack. In which case, go for it! (But seriously, don’t.) Find the song On 2012’s B.