By James Hibberd
Updated November 01, 2013 at 08:43 PM EDT
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The shooting drama at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday resulted in a surreal influx of live reporting from the most unlikely combination of celebrities: From The Bachelor host Chris Harrison to members of Discovery’s Mythbusters gang to actor James Franco. Even the filming of the final season of AMC’s Mad Men was apparently disrupted.

A gunman open fired in the airport this morning, killing a TSA agent, according to CNN. A suspect was taken into custody after being pursued through Terminal 3.

Harrison tweeted from nearly the beginning of the action, “Somethin crazy goin on at LAX right now. Terminals shut down & cops w guns drawn!” and then TSA just shut the doors in lockdown. Shooting over at Terminal 3 … Police very polite but guns drawn & very serious about clearing the streets on the top level of LAX. Everybody very calm & respectful… Incredible response by LAPD & airport authority. This place was locked tight w precision quickly. God bless first responders!.”

Franco was sitting on a plane at the airport when the shooting took place, and posted on Instagram: “At #lax Some s–tbag shot up the place.”

Fox Sports analyst Bill Reiter tweeted: “First came the gunfire. Then people including me hiding our seats. It felt very Columbine. A new kind of fear, at least for me” and “It’s weird how in that moment time could be so fast and so slow at the same time. My God.”

Also on hand were Mythbusters Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, who live-tweeted their experience being evacuated from the terminal, with Belleci noting, “That was f—-ing terrifying!” and “Holy s—t!!! How the hell did guns get passed security? Outside now.”

Imahara drew comments for his profile picture, which featured him holding a replica of Han Solo’s blaster, and he swapped out the image.

A crew member for Mad Men also apparently tweeted that production of the sixth and final season was disrupted while filming in nearby Terminal 4. But network declined to comment and the tweets were subsequently deleted.

How I Met Your Mother co-creator Craig Thomas was also on the scene: “I was at LAX Terminal 3 this morning, waiting to fly to New York – I had to run for my life, with many others…This was a terrifying experience I will never forget…It’s one thing to see a story like Sandy Hook and know in your head that we have to do something about guns in our country…It’s another thing to run for your life and wonder if you’ll ever see your wife and child and friends again… New thought: Let’s all approach gun control like we’ve all, every one of us, run for our lives from gun fire – what would our laws be then?”

Poignantly added actor-comedian JB Smoove: “Stuck in LAX after the shooting in the terminal. This world is in a bad place. Hope we can fix it. #beblessed”


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