By Sandra Gonzalez
October 31, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Oh, Scandal, how are you going to #handle this one?

On Wednesday, Scandal leading lady/upcoming SNL host Kerry Washington announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Nnamdi Asomugha. As expected, Shondaland is being tight-lipped about how they’re going to deal with the situation on-screen, which means we’re going to have to quell our curiosities with speculation for now.

Will they do the How I Met Your Mother-style hide-the-belly? Pull a Bones? Who knows! But we certainly have some thoughts, organized in a very Type A personality-way, because we think Olivia Pope would appreciate that.

PROS of having the pregnancy incorporated: 

+ THE BABYDADDY DRAMA. Is it Fitz’s baby? Is it (gasp!) Jake’s baby? Quick! We must make a show timeline to see which is more likely.

+ MELLIE’S REACTION. I mean, this would be amazing, right? I would pay money to see Mellie implode at the mere possibility.

+ NO CHEESY HIDDEN BELLIES. How I Met Your Mother had fun hiding the growing stomachs of their leading ladies, but similar tricks wouldn’t fit Scandal‘s tone. And the alternative to having fun with it is not ideal — each episode tends to turn into a mini-game of Spot the Belly. Working the pregnancy into the storyline would eliminate all issues that come with hiding it.

+ THE FASHION. If we covet Olivia Pope’s every piece of clothing on a normal day can you imagine the jaw-dropping preggo fashions we’d be treated to? YES!

CONS of having the pregnancy incorporated:

+ THE ACTUAL BABY. It can be argued that Olivia Pope is a bit of a mother hen to her Gladiators as it is, but it’s hard for me to imagine Olivia Pope as an actual mother. Not because she couldn’t handle it, but I don’t see her wanting to bring a child into her insane life. Nor can I imagine a crib sitting in the corner of the conference room at OPA HQ.

+ WE ALREADY HAD A PREGNANCY PLOTLINE. Two pregnancy arcs in so many years seems like a bit much.

+ WE LOSE THE CHANCE TO SEE THE WRITERS WOW US ALL WITH THEIR CLEVERNESS (AGAIN). We’ve bragged and bragged about the writing room’s ability to wow us with plot twists, so imagine if they were given the ultimate challenge: Finding a little time off for their star. Would Olivia get shot? Would Olivia get put in the hole? Would they find a reason to put her on the run for a few episodes? The possibilities are endless — and super thrilling.


+ NO WINE FOR NINE MONTHS. But…what will she have with her popcorn?