October 29, 2013 at 09:46 PM EDT

Okay, so in-flight airline safety video battles are a thing now.

Virgin America today released its new Jon Chu-directed safety video, a sleek and stylish (not to mention incredibly catchy) production number that stars Todrick Hall (the brilliant mind responsible for yesterday’s viral Disney villain mash-up) as a hoofing flight attendant who delivers safety tips — with flair! All your favorite emergency instructions are there, including Oxygen Mask, Flotation Device, and the ever-controversial Electronics Power-Down. Also included in Virgin’s great video: an insane child rapper, a belting nun, a contortionist in the middle seat, and enough choreography to make Adam Shankman cry.

But wait! Virgin isn’t the only airline trying to flip the typically banal safety procedure on its head. Delta last week released a holiday-themed video that, although not musical, is still plenty funny with its own cast of characters, including but not limited to Scrooge, Santa, elves, sweaters, leg lamps, the Abominable Snowman, and at least one spinning dreidel.

Which one do you prefer? Virgin’s thrilling #VXsafetydance or Delta’s less-outside-the-box-but-still-kinda-outside-the-box holiday skit? Regardless, are entertaining safety videos something that should actually be a thing now?

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