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In last week’s Ravenswood premiere, Pretty Little Liars‘ Caleb Rivers stumbled into a new town full of questions, both natural and supernatural. After learning that he, along with four other teens in town, was part of a deadly curse, he decided that maybe he should stay awhile. But when eerie thing after eerie thing started happening, the teens managed to figure out that they were all being targeted. By what? They had no idea. And in the final moments, a car containing all five teens went off a bridge into the water below. Talk about a cliffhanger.

In tonight’s episode, executive producer and co-creator Oliver Goldstick teases that we’ll learn why Miranda was the only one to see the ghosts last week, in addition to finding out more about Miranda’s relationship with Caleb. Here’s what he had to say during our quick chat:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When the car went off the bridge, we saw a woman in a black dress. Is she of specific importance, or is this a more general curse?

OLIVER GOLDSTICK: She’s of specific importance because once the curse is explored, it’s populated by certain people, and their connection to our five teens is very important; it’s integral to what the series is. So she’s not random. It is not random. She is connected to them.

It seemed like Miranda was the only one who could see the ghosts.

That’s true.

Will we find out the reason behind that?

Yes, you’ll know by the second episode.

And yet the guy on the bus from the PLL Halloween episode ended up being dead, correct?

You’ll see.

I’m glad that wasn’t obvious.

I’m glad you caught that that’s the same gentleman. That wasn’t random.

Fans are already talking about a potential romance between Miranda and Caleb. What do you have to say to them?

I was on set all last night, [and] because I don’t tweet, someone came to set and told me, “Miranda’s getting hate mail for stealing Caleb from Hanna already.” It’s a friendship, ladies and gentleman. He’s allowed to be friends with other girls, isn’t he? She’s not a home-wrecker. She’s not a Jezebel! She’s another foster kid who clearly found a likely soul mate on this godforsaken bus to a godforsaken town, and they have a lot in common and they’ll see they have even more in common than they actually thought once we start to unravel in [episodes] 2 and 3 what happened when they got there. No, we never set it up as “Let’s create a romantic love triangle and screw over Hanna.” That was never our intention. Caleb loves Hanna, and [in] the first five episodes of Ravenswood, he clearly is not turning his back on Hanna.

Ravenswood airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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