By Hillary Busis
October 28, 2013 at 03:17 PM EDT

From the creepy opening credits to the jazzy score to Carrie’s — sorry, that’s Caaaaarrie‘s — gradual descent into love-induced madness, this Sesame Street spoof of Homeland is just about flawless. Anne Hathaway, eat your heart out.

Sure, kids won’t really understand why the nice blond sheep keeps freaking out, or why everyone around her can’t see that Baaaaahhrody is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But any adult who loves and is constantly frustrated by Homeland — two sides of the same coin, right? — will find lots to love in the clip below. The best part:

Caaaaarie, trying to convince her coworkers that Baaaahrody is a baaaahd guy: “Have you ever heard a sheep howl?”

Sheep Daaaaavid Estes: “So he speaks other languages!”