Veronica Mars fans know of Piz as the guy who got in the way of LoVe. On the other hand, Piz is a much more reasonable option for our girl detective than the tortured soul that is Logan Echolls. Then again…LOGAN.

In new footage from the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, and Chris Lowell (along with other VM favorites) discuss their love triangle and who should come out on top. We learn that at the start of the movie, Veronica is — wait for it — DATING PIZ. I was not expecting that, but then again, there has to be some way to explain why Lowell’s character attends the Neptune High 10-year reunion. Logan, meanwhile, is accused of murder — you know, classic bad-boy stuff.

“Logan’s pull is too much for her, always,” Bell admits of Veronica, but she clearly picked Piz — for now. Check out the four-minute clip below:

I can’t believe I’m asking this, but Team Logan or Team Piz? I’m going to need some well-argued points from you Piz proponents…

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