Lady Gaga has landed, and she doesn’t just want your applause — she wants you to take her to your planet.

Mother Monster debuted her latest single off ARTPOP over the weekend — a nearly four-minute long dance-pop song titled “Venus.” In it, Gaga belts space-themed lyrics infused with references to the planet’s mythical counterpart, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. “Let’s blast off to a whole new dimension/In your bedroom,” she sings. “Take me to your planet/Take me to your leader.”

Gaga goes on to list the names of the planets (“Mercury, Jupi-tah”) ending with Uranus and Mars, and cheekily rhyming the former with the line, “Don’t you know my ass is famous.” It’s catchy, though the extraterrestrial theme’s sure to draw comparisons to Katy Perry’s “E.T.” from 2010 — a comparison Gaga would probably like to avoid.

ARTPOP drops Nov. 11. Check out the audio for “Venus,” accompanied by an image of Gaga in metallic paint accessorized with a scorpion, below.