Kanye West 09
Credit: Abdeljalil Bounhar/AP

Sweet baby Yeezus! Kanye West delivered his latest rant via sermon at his Las Vegas concert on Friday.

“What fun is life if you don’t talk sh–t right?” West asked his congregation—err, audience—at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. “‘Cause everybody gon’ talk shit to you, right? Anybody gonna tell you what you can, you can’t do, right?” he continued, while wearing typical priestly vestments of an oversized trenchcoat, fencing mask, and neon orange sneakers.

In a nearly ten minute long monologue, complete with piano accompaniment and and a glaring spotlight, West delivered a diatribe referencing old standby subjects including but not limited to: haters, Arsenio Hall, Paris fashion week seating arrangements, and Jesus. West even joined in on the Barneys’ racial profiling allegations, saying, “It’s that rich n—er racism!” before breaking into a sprint onstage. Looking equal parts Joel Osteen and beekeeper, he also compared his Yeezus persona to a high self esteem drug and explained his Chosen One association: “And when I say I am a god, it’s because I believe that God is inside of all of us.”

Play “find the complete sentence” in Kanye’s latest rant here: