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October 28, 2013 at 01:00 PM EDT

If you somehow managed to ignore its title and skip the first two episodes of the Adult Swim comedy series The Greatest Event in Television History, then don’t fret: You’re going to have another chance at greatness on Nov. 7 at midnight when part 3 premieres. Executive producer and costar Adam Scott called on pals Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler, respectively, for the first two episodes which document the hilarious behind-the-scenes birthing pains of the title event: shot-by-shot recreations of the opening sequences for the TV series Simon & Simon and Hart to Hart.

As with the run-ups to the previous installments, the subject of part 3 remains under a veil of intense, pain-of-death secrecy. But Adult Swim did clue us in on the new cast members: Chelsea Peretti, Kathryn Hahn, Jon Glaser, Catherine O’Hara, along with Scott who together will be paying homage to a classic TV show. They also revealed the above family portrait, which will be gracing billboards in New York and Los Angeles. Naturally, we don’t want to spoil the greatest event in television history (part 3) by revealing the series title, but we suspect varsity-level TV nerds out there might have an educated guess.

While you’re puzzling that out, be sure to catch the previous two episodes on Adult Swim’s site and as a bonus, watch Scott and Poehler grill their Hart to Hart counterparts Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers for EW’s Reunions issue.

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