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More on the Once kiss, the upcoming chaos on The Good Wife, and Elementary‘s love problem all in this week’s Spoiler Room.


Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife? Having seen the episode that everyone’s excited about, I can tell you that excitement is more than warranted. But in case you need a little more prompting, here are four teases for the ep; plus, a bonus scoop.

+ Will’s reaction to hearing the news is hilariously subtle…at first. Then, he’s on a warpath that may or may not include an angry desk swipe

+ Even in the middle of a crisis, [spoiler] and [spoiler] have time for a little hanky panky.

+ Even in the middle of the war, Will shows he still cares for Alicia in a small and unexpected way.

+ Peter does not stand on the sidelines while all of this goes down. Let’s just leave it at that.

+ THE BONUS: I’m sure you’ve heard about how the EPs nixed Kalinda’s love interest from the season. But according to Robert and Michelle King, the plans to introduce someone for Kalinda to get cozy with are postponed, not canceled. “Look, we’re damaged souls,” says Robert King. “We were really into the Kalinda husband story. We were the only two people in America who were into it. Marc Warren was doing a great job. But we have a slight overabundance of caution and we were worried that we didn’t have the time to build up the chemistry [between the two] so we decided to put a pause on that…It’s not going away. We just didn’t want to make a mistake again.”


Joan Watson delved into the world of online dating in a recent episode of Elementary, but it may be a while before we see her fall head over heels for someone, according to EP Rob Doherty. “I will confess, it is sometimes personally challenging for me to identify someone who suits her. I feel kind of paternal in that respect,” he admits. “You want to try different people on and yet at the end of the day we don’t want it to look like Joan is a serial dater. So it’s a tricky line to walk.”

The issue of Joan’s romantic life will come up again soon, though, he says, but in a “different way.” Meanwhile, he promises, we will eventually see a return from Broadway star Steve Kazee, who appeared a few episodes ago as a man who showed interest in Joan. “We haven’t quite crafted a return for him yet but we have a way of figuring these things out,” he says.

For more on Elementary, including the upcoming return of Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) and some exclusive photos from the Nov. 14 episode, click thee here.


So, OUAT fans, you may have seen a few Hook-Emma-centric scoops in the past few days — like this photo and GIF or this piece of video. Remember those? You should. They almost broke the Internet.

But I still have so much more to share with you! Namely, the answer to two burning questions I’ve been getting often this week and one that no one has asked but I asked anyway because I’m shameless that way:

+ BURNING Q No. 1: Will there be more kisses? TBD. But Colin O’Donoghue says he can’t see any further movement happening before they get Henry back. “That should take precedence, especially considering Emma is his mother,” he says. “So it’s about whether anything can grow from that and within the confines of this quest. So I don’t know.”

+ BURNING Q No. 2: Will Neal find out about the smooch? As you know, when the big kiss happens, Emma is still under the belief that Neal is dead. But once reunited, will the truth come out? Jennifer Morrison wouldn’t say directly, but promised, “There is a point at which Emma’s truth about both Neal and Hook have to be made public.” “You can imagine a million ways in which it will happen, and you will not imagine the way it will happen,” she teases.

BURNING Q No. 3: So…is Hook a good kisser? After a huge laugh, Morrison says, “Listen, I have no complaints on this show. I’ve gotten to kiss Jamie Dornan, Michael Raymond-James, and Colin O’Donoghue. I think I’m doing OK.”


Can I get some Kensi and/or Deeks scoopage? Thanks for all the NCIS: LA love, Sandra! — Jadyn

In an upcoming episode, one of these two is going to get help for a very serious problem that’s usually reserved for male celebrities who get caught cheating on their wife: sex addiction. Yup, in an upcoming episode Deeks will find himself in a Malibu rehab center seeking help for this, um, troublesome issue. “The audience will have to wait to see if he’s undercover of if he’s got a serious issue,” jokes executive producer Shane Brennan.

Any intel on Bates Motel season 2? — Dana

Actually, I ran into Kenny Johnson the other week and he set up the conflict that we’ll see when he debuts in the role of Norma’s brother, Caleb, in the upcoming second season. As you remember, in season 1, Norma confessed that her brother raped her years earlier, but as Johnson explains, her story will come into question. “He has his version and she has her version,” he says. “Obviously in an episode last season, she says [her] brother used to rape [her] in high school, so that’s all her son knows. But what is the real story and what’s the background, nobody is really going to know.” As Caleb seeks some version of reconciliation, Johnson teases, “As crazy as it can get, it gets.”

Any chance of other members of PLL coming to Ravenswood? — Lilian

Not in the first five, but Marlene King teases, “There is definitely a plan of action that would bring the character of Hanna to Ravenswood.”

SANDRA! I loved the premiere of Ravenswood … but are they setting up Miranda and Caleb to become a thing? Please tell me Haleb isn’t doomed — Stella “There’s nothing set in stone that says that anybody has to be in a relationship with anyone else,” reports Marlene King. “I think as we’re getting to know the characters; they’re leading the way as to where we go with these relationships. The same goes for Hanna on PLL — there’s a new character who becomes a part of here life while Caleb is in Ravenswood and we are letting those characters sort of pave the way and decide if there’s going to be a relationship there or not.” One thing you probably won’t see, though, she says? A Miranda-Hanna feud. “We try not to do that on PLL and we’ll try not to do that on Ravenswood — we like girls to support girls,” she says. “It’s sort of the cardinal rule — no PLL ever touches another PLL boyfriend, or girlfriend, in Emily’s case.”

I need some Glee scoop!! — Sheri

Will you take something from upcoming guest star Adam Lambert, who plays a character named Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert? As you may know, Lambert’s New Jersey-native character will audition for a new band put together by Kurt, but, he teases, it’s not love at first sight. “As far as the character goes, at first Kurt and Starchild don’t quite click, but then they click,” he teases. “It’s definitely a work in progress.”

Grimm scoop? — Kellie

Wondering about the next time we’ll see Mama Burkhardt? Well, when I talked to star David Giuntoli during EW’s Google+ Hangout with the actor, he teased an upcoming reappearance! “She probably will be making an appearance soon,” he said coyly, adding that they’re currently filming episode 10. So put your money sometime between episodes 3 and 10. Want more scoop? Watch the hangout below!

Any Tomorrow People info? Especially John-centric. Luke Mitchell is just delicious. — Carina

Get ready to see Mr. Delicious when he was just a teenager. In next week’s episode, we’ll delve into John’s backstory much like we did with Cara this week and it’s equally heartbreaking. And by the end of the episode, which features guest star Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars), John makes a decision that’s going to leave your jaw on the floor.

BATB scoop, PLEASE!!!! — Aimee

How about I give you a clip from the new Beauty and the Beast episode on Monday? Deal? Stay tuned for that, I’ll tweet it as soon as it’s ready.

When does Raising Hope come back? — Marie

It’s called GOOGLE, Marie. Gosh. Kidding. But seriously, lady, get it together! Raising Hope premieres Nov. 15, and in the episode, we meet guest star Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), who is playing a role with a secret twist! I’d give you three guesses, but I think you’ll only need two. (Yeah, I’m not giving you TOO much credit.) But even after the big reveal of which I speak, look for the character to drop another revelation by episode’s end that will change the way Virginia sees her past forever. Guys, it’s so good. Watch it. And watch this.

I need to know more about Nolan and Victoria’s son on Revenge. I mean…OMG! — Nina

You’re tellin’ me! And I shared my shock with Gabriel Mann when we met up for a Google+ Hangout earlier this week. And he claimed he nor Justin Hartley saw it coming either. He also hinted that their…whateveritis might eventually cause some problems between him and Emily. “Her one-mindedness about getting this revenge, I think, sometime doesn’t always account for other people’s feelings…I can guarantee you she’s going to get some serious push-back in terms of forging ahead,” he said. “I think as much as Nolan is devoted to helping her accomplish her goals, if it starts to come into opposition to things Nolan might want personally in his life, they might have some beef. They might have some words.” OK, he didn’t ACTUALLY say it had to do with Patrick. But that’d be my educated guess.

Any Revenge scooplets? — Diana

Get ready for a blast from the past…or, rather, a blast from not recent times. Who? Gabriel Mann wouldn’t say, but, he teased, “There’s one character, in particular, that’s maybe going to surprise you [and] who maybe you haven’t seen for a minute. That’s going to be an all-caps O-M-G moment.”

Any idea if there will be a Red John clue on this week’s The Mentalist? — David

There will be — and it’s a pretty significant one that won’t be easy for RJ to conceal.

(Marc Snetiker contributed to this column)

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