By James Hibberd
Updated October 25, 2013 at 07:26 PM EDT

Fox is shortening American Idol for its 13th season next year. The network is giving the singing competition a 30-minute results show on Thursday nights for at least eight weeks instead of its usual hour-long show.

The revelation was contained in Fox’s midseason premiere date announcement (most dates below). Fox plans to add eight-episode sitcom Surviving Jack to its Thursday lineup at some point in midseason at 8:30 p.m., with Idol running for a half hour at 8 p.m. during those weeks. Fox hasn’t run a half-hour Idol results show since 2007.

Though the scheduling clearly helps promote new sitcom Surviving Jack, starring Christopher Meloni, it also could be seen as a reaction to Idol‘s performance, since the veteran series took another ratings downturn last season. ABC cut its Dancing with the Stars results show all-together this fall after similar age-related ratings drops.

Also in the release: Greg Kinnear’s legal drama Rake is coming Jan. 19. The season finale for 13-episode Sleepy Hollow will be used to launch season 2 of The Following (then Hollow will return next fall). And new guy-friendly military comedy Enlisted has been d-listed to Friday nights. Check it out below: