Looks like Banksy can’t go a full week during his New York “residency” without posting something outside his usual stenciled and sculpted work.

This week, he posted a video of ants crawling in and out of an ant-hill before the camera zooms out and it looks more like a, well, you can see for yourself. On Wednesday, the street artist posted an image with the sentence, “Today’s art has been cancelled due to police activity.” Is that a joke, Banksy, or a warning or some sort?

Whatever the meaning, it meant New Yorkers got one fewer art piece to gawk at and argue over — a trend that has only grown since Banksy started his tour of the city. New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz even hosted an impromptu art class after seeing the public reaction around Sunday’s stencil, while a team quickly dismantled Banksy’s “sphinx” sculpture, disappointing dozens of fans.

Revisit last week’s Banksys here.

October 19, Staten Island