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Before she was the ultimate fixer on ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington was busy handling other, more rhythmic situations. We’re taking things back to 2001, when I spent my days watching Save the Last Dance on repeat. As my brother counted how many times he had seen Terminator 2: Judgment Day, I counted how many times I watched Sara and Derek fall in love on the dance floor. It was an unhealthy competition that kept us indoors for days, but I’m pretty sure I won (or he’s just not here to defend himself).

By the end of what was probably my 10th viewing, I had not only memorized the words to Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It,” but I’d also made some improvements to my vocabulary. Well, I considered them improvements. My mother didn’t always agree with me. First and foremost, I started saying “a’ight” at the end of all my sentences, much like Canadians do with “eh.” It began with a lot of attitude, but then just turned into a natural part of my speech. And then, by my 20th viewing, “slammin'” was incorporated into my everyday lingo as the new “cool.” Oh yeah, I was a pretty slammin’ sixth-grader, a’ight?

Now, 12 years later, Washington has left Chenille’s vocabulary (but not her attitude) behind, swapped her patterned dresses for all-white suits, and spends less time on the dance floor and more time in the oval office as the President-loving Olivia Pope. But today, we shall call her Chenille…a’ight?

Watch the slammin’ trailer for Save the Last Dance below:

Save the Last Dance
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