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Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the third episode of Arrow season 2, stop reading now.

And the drama continues. Picking up right where we left off last week, with Oliver surrounded by cops pointing red lasers at his chest. Laurel thought she had finally captured the vigilante. And for a second there, he thought so too… until his new favorite blonde showed up on the scene with some sort of sonic device that simultaneously busted windows and eardrums (except Oliver’s?). The Black Canary helped Oliver out of the building before scaling a wall like it was NBD, leaving him behind without a word. I have to give this woman props. Her hard-to-get methods are kind of sexy.

Speaking of sexy, what has been going on with Quentin?! I’m kidding. About the sexy part. The Quentin part? Not so much. We found the police officer grabbing some lunch when he was called off a call thanks to Pike’s orders. Apparently Pike didn’t want Quentin in on his new case because it featured an old rival of the one-time detective. A man named Barton Mathis had escaped from prison after Quentin put him away six years ago. They called him the doll maker because he would suffocate women with some sort of liquid and then dress them like dolls. As Felicity pointed out, because porcelain dolls aren’t creepy enough on their own?

Back at the headquarters (Can I call it that?), Felicity tried to track down the Black Canary while a shirtless Oliver and a not-so-shirtless Diggle –but why?! — wrestled around on some mats. Apparently the Canary was targeting misogynistic criminals. Seriously, I like this woman’s style. Let’s take a pause here and all reflect on how huge Diggle is. Perhaps they wouldn’t let him take his shirt off for fear that his muscles would explode through our television sets. Thoughts? Okay, moment over.

Worried that the police weren’t going to find Mathis quickly enough, Quentin called Felicity to ask for The Hood’s help on the case. And just like that, a new duo/bromance was born. Quentin and The Hood tracked down the lawyer who used to represent Mathis and figured out where he might be staying. But by the time they got there, all that was waiting was a creepy porcelain doll, the front page of the newspaper from the day Quentin captured the doll maker six years ago, and a phone. On the other end of the phone, Mathis killed his next victim while Quentin listened, unable to track his location. So needless to say, this duo/bromance was off to an unsuccessful start.

*Insert Hot Paul sighting here!*

Still trying to find a pattern amongst Mathis’ victims, The Hood and Quentin kept searching. Also, I guess Felicity is out to Quentin now? Not as a friend of The Hood’s but as a full on illegal hacker? That did just happen, right? Anyway, it turned out that Mathis went after girls who used the same skin cream. It was made from crushed mother of pearl — my favorite saying before I started to cuss — and targeted to women with delicate skin. After she located the only stores in the city selling the stuff, Felicity volunteered to make the purchases and use herself as bait.

Not surprisingly, it worked. Mathis grabbed Felicity, and Quentin immediately called it in. But after Mathis got Quentin’s gun, and The Hood showed up just in time to save the day, Mathis managed to escape. Quentin, on the other hand, was arrested for obstruction on Pike’s orders. This Pike guy is getting on my last nerve.

As Oliver bonded with his ex’s father, Thea visited Moira in prison by bringing her outfits to wear to her trial. Moira informed her daughter that 503 people had died and she was ready for her punishment even if it meant life in prison. Hot Paul Adam Donner and the state, however, had something else in mind. They wanted Moira to be given the death penalty, an announcement that worried both Thea and Oliver more than it did the inmate. Moira informed her lawyer that the trial could mean that all of her secrets would be revealed. And having just gotten to a good place with her kids, she wasn’t sure that was the best idea. Is she referring to her husband’s death?

With the charges dropped against Quentin — thanks Laurel — he was free to… walk into the parking lot and be abducted by Mathis, who already had Laurel in the back of his van. My only thought was: Oooooh, Oliver’s going to be pissed. And pissed he was when he showed up just in time to shoot the tube from Laurel’s mouth and, with a little Cirque de Soleil-esque help from the Black Canary, catch up with Mathis. Oliver was ready to take him to the police, but the Canary put a dagger through Mathis’ chest before that could happen. So she’s got anger issues. Good to know.

What else do we know about the Canary? Well, Roy’s only job this episode was to find out where she was, and to his credit, he did. He found her friend, Sin, and chased her up to a clock tower where he was knocked out. When he came to, she asked if “they” sent him. Then she hit him in the face just before Roy uttered the words every woman in America was thinking: “Not the face.” The conversation was cut short when Roy got a text about Laurel’s kidnapping. Sidenote: People don’t use abbrevs like that in texts anymore. That’s so Gossip Girl.

By the end of the episode, we discovered the “they” she was referencing was Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson?!). A messenger informed the Canary that Ra’s wanted her to return. She responded by killing the messenger. Well, I guess that sends a message.

With another near-death experience behind her, Laurel finally stopped blaming The Hood for Tommy’s death. Now she blames herself. Oh, and thanks to Quentin, we now call him The Arrow, so we’re seriously making progress!

Finally, this week in island flashbacks, we learned that the mystery men on the island had a ship just off shore. And when they found the remains of the plane, they bombed it… with Shado still inside. At least, that’s what we think. Oliver tried to save her, but a lot of good that did: Slade caught on fire, and Oliver is now captive in some strange boat prison.

What did you all think of the episode? Am I alone in my love of the Canary (and Diggle’s muscles)? And who do we think paints on Oliver’s eye makeup when he’s in a hurry?

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