What Does the Fox Say?

Hot on the heels of the Internet hit that had us all asking ourselves, “What does the fox say?” Norwegian trio, Ylvis are back with the follow-up single “Massachusetts.”

Ylvis trade the explosion of electro pop and dance-synth beats of “The Fox,” opting instead for a slow crescendo of a melody for their latest track. The uplifting, almost tender-sounding melody is quite fitting, considering the trio spend the rest of the song waxing poetic about — you guessed it — Massachusetts.

Listen to Ylvis’ latest single and watch the official music video below!

The music video starts with sweeping shots of Ylvis longing to be in Massachusetts before they finally arrive in The Bay State after an epic journey across land and sea.

The trio spend the rest of the video rounding up an eclectic bunch of Massachusetts dwellers, including a Boy Scout-looking troop, a group of catholic priests, and a male dance group from Pingryville.

While the decision to write such an eccentric ode may seem odd and completely random, Massachusetts actually does hold some meaning to Ylvis. According to Gawker, the trio (comprised of bothers Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker and Calle Hellevang-Larsen) like going there to “charge the batteries during the offseason.”

What Does the Fox Say?
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