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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched tonight’s Ravenswood premiere, stop reading now!

Welcome to Ravenswood, the really old town full of cemeteries, dark woods, creepy houses that double as funeral homes, and even creepier bathtubs. This is the town that now holds Pretty Little Liars alumnus Caleb Rivers, and after the looks of tonight’s pilot, it might also be the death of him.

Things kicked off with a quick catch-up session: Caleb explained how he and Miranda met, and how he had intended to help Miranda, who was a foster child the same way he was, find her uncle in Ravenswood. But it was when they discovered their own names and pictures on tombstones that they decided they needed to stay in town at least until they got some answers. And after they left the cemetery, where a stone angel cried bloody tears — good signs, right? — they went straight to find Miranda’s uncle.

Meet Mr. Collins, the funeral director whose house doubles as the funeral home where the mysteriously creepy and oddly sweet Carla Grunwald works. PLL fans will recognize Mrs. Grunwald as the woman who pulled Ali from the ground in one of the show’s most memorable flashbacks, and she was also the one who warned the Liars about the bad man behind it all (Ezra?!). But she’d put that all behind her at this point. She was back to working for Mr. Collins, who had to be named after Barnabas Collins, right? He looked so vampiric.

But when Collins wasn’t overly excited to see his niece after all these years, Caleb attempted (and failed) to get any answers from him, which brought us to another pair of unfamiliar faces when we met fellow Ravenswood residents, Luke and Olivia, the popular-teens-turned-outcasts after their mother was named a suspect in their father’s recent murder. Let’s just say the townspeople weren’t exactly supportive of the family’s tough situation.

And then there was the fifth and final teen: Remy. Remy was Luke’s girlfriend. Her father worked at the local paper, and her mother was currently experiencing PTSD after returning home from Afghanistan as the sole survivor of an ambush in her unit. So now that the gang had all been introduced, it was time to get into everything supernatural and strange.

First, Caleb and Miranda discovered that the tombstones they saw earlier featuring their names and faces had mysteriously vanished. Then, Miranda saw a ghost in her room at her uncle’s house/funeral home. And to top things off, Caleb was almost drowned in the bathtub. However, that last one was kind of on Caleb, because he should’ve been more suspicious when Mrs. Grunwald started talking about how deep the tub was. That’s not something you say to someone, is it? I thought it was pretty gross.

Luckily, Caleb didn’t scare easy, and he already had a lead on the ghost thing: Remy informed him that there was a flood in Ravenswood in 1896 and people were “pulling bodies out of trees for six months.” Basically, the town is “soaked in death.” That’s probably why the ghost Miranda saw left a puddle behind and why Caleb was attacked in a tub full of water. We’re connecting the dots, people!

So before Caleb and Miranda could leave town on the next bus, Caleb wanted to hear from his father to see if he had any family in Ravenswood, considering the Caleb Rivers he found who died many years ago was practically his doppelganger. But when Caleb and Miranda decided to follow Remy into the morgue (of the newspaper), a ghost wrote “Last chance” on the glass behind them. As in to get out? Something tells me a bus ticket won’t be much help at this point.

While Olivia participated in the Homecoming parade on the street, Miranda, Caleb, and Remy started to put the pieces of the puzzle together … as Mr. Collins lurked behind some trees. Apparently there’s a trend that had happened twice before in the town’s history: Soon after a war hero returned home as the sole survivor of their unit and said something to the effect of “I don’t know why I’m still here; I shouldn’t be alive,” five teens were killed. So you can imagine my concern when Caleb, Remy, and Miranda pulled over to pick up Luke and Olivia, and the five of them drove off in a storm.

And just as I expected, Miranda spotted a ghost in the middle of the road, grabbed the steering wheel, and the car went off a bridge into the water below, which was just deep enough to submerge the car (convenient!). The camera cut to the ghost woman standing on the bridge before zooming out as The Civil Wars’ “The One That Got Away” played over the car’s radio.

So what did you all think? It kind of felt like a PG version of American Horror Story, didn’t it? But did the curse intrigue you enough to keep watching? Hit the comments below with all of your thoughts on Collins, Luke and Olivia’s mom, Mrs. Grunwald, and how those crazy kids will get out of the car!

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