October 22, 2013 at 03:25 PM EDT

They’re alive! Maybe! Two ailing CBS freshman shows suddenly displayed a hopeful pulse Monday night: The Anna Faris comedy Mom and Toni Collette conspiracy thriller Hostages both showed improvement in the ratings for the first time.

Mom perked up 20 percent, probably helped at least partly by its Big Bang Theory repeat lead-in improving, while Hostages climbed 17 percent. This ratings gain comes with an asterisk because CBS’ Minneapolis affiliate carried a football game which has impacted these morning numbers. Mom is expected to still be up at least a couple tenths when the final numbers are released regardless of football impact; Hostages will be quite close to last week — possibly up a tenth, unchanged at worst. Fox airing a Sleepy Hollow repeat this week in the 9 p.m. hour might have helped, as well. HIMYM didn’t get any help from all this, however, the veteran comedy was down 6 percent to a season low.

CBS’ Monday lineup was in a free fall after the start of the season, then the network yanked new 8:30 p.m. comedy dud We Are Men and shuffled in shuffled in Big Bang repeats into 9 p.m. Last week saw the lineup stabilize, except for Mom. Last week, Mom received a somewhat surprising full-season pickup from the network (along with unsurprising pickups The Millers and The Crazy Ones).

Meanwhile the night was ruled once again by NBC’s The Voice, down 7 percent to a season low, followed by 10 p.m.’s steady The Blacklist.

Fox’s Bones was up 5 percent with its wedding episode. ABC’s lineup was down between 10 and 14 percent to match its season low.

FOX 8-9P BONES-FOX 2.1 7,486
9-10P SLEEPY HLW-FOX R 1.0 3,371
ABC 8-10P DANCNG-STR-ABC 1.9 13,113
10-11P CASTLE-ABC 1.9 10,639
CBS 8:00P HW I-MOTHR-CBS 2.9 7,866
8:30P 2BROKE GRL-CBS 2.6 8,052
9:00P BG BNG-SPC-CBS RS 2.5 8,488
9:30P MOM-CBS 2.4 7,786
10-11P HOSTAGES-CBS 1.4 5,774
NBC 8-10P VOICE-NBC 4.2 13,397
10-11P BLACKLIST-NBC 3.0 10,566
CW 8-9P HART-DIXIE-CW 0.6 1,434
9-10P BEAUTY&BST-CW 0.6 1,670

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