And with 11 days to spare, no less!

On Sunday, the How I Met Your Mother star took Instagram by storm by posting a picture of his incredibly photogenic family — Harris, fiance David Burtka, son Gideon, and daughter Harper — dressed in their annual elaborate Halloween costumes. This year’s theme: Alice in Wonderland. People, start your “aww”-ing”:

As you may recall, Harris and Burtka take Halloween very seriously. Here’s how the family did it up last year, with a quartet of Wizard of Oz-inspired outfits…

… and in 2011, the family kicked off its tradition by emulating Peter Pan. (Gideon in glasses. Gideon in glasses!)

Of course, the fun isn’t done quite yet. As Harris notes in his latest Instagram, the fam will be donning a “frighteningly different” set of costumes on Oct. 31 proper. Sounds spooky! How do you think the Harris-Burtkas will celebrate Halloween itself — and which children’s classic should they tackle next year? (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, maybe?)

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