Do What U Want Cover

When Lady Gaga announced the full track list for her upcoming album ARTPOP, the most intriguing entry for super freaks everywhere was the song titled “Do What U Want.” It wasn’t so much that it was a particularly provocative name for a song, but more because the phrase “featuring R. Kelly” came right after.

That song has been released, along with a photo of Gaga’s be-thonged buttocks that serves as the cover art. The song, built on a totally ’80s synth throb, finds Gaga encouraging listeners to “Do what you want with my body.” Duet partner R. Kelly takes her up on that, crooning about doing shots and flying on private jets before doing what he wants with her body (in the back of a club, of course, because all the best R. Kelly verses take place in the back of a club).

Honestly, the track doesn’t quite come together (Gaga’s vocal style clashes too much with both the track and Kelly’s smooth R&B pipes), but it’s an intriguing mind-meld nonetheless. Give it a listen below.

Gaga drove home the song’s sentiment — that her thoughts, dreams, and feelings are her own, no matter what you do with or say about her body — on Twitter. In the lead-up to the release of “Do What U Want,” she ran through a handful of the biggest all-caps knocks levied against her on the Internet, including her sales rivalry with Katy Perry (“I write for the music not the charts,” she said), her weight, her aping of Madonna, and the never-dying rumor of her possession of male genitalia.

Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP is out on Nov. 11.