American Reunion
Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

The days of pie and roses are over.

When Sharknado star Tara Reid landed in Los Angeles Sunday after a long weekend jaunt to Israel, she discovered a nasty surprise: Her old American Pie pal Jason Biggs had gone on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago. During the show, host Andy Cohen asked his guest to come up with Orange Is the New Black-style prison nicknames for some of his old costars — including Reid. Biggs’s response? “Hot Mess.”

Obviously, Reid wasn’t exactly thrilled at the news. If the American Pie movies were real, she could have retaliated by posting a video of Biggs ejaculating prematurely for the whole world to see, or by reminding the Internet of the time he mistook superglue for lube. Alas, they’re not — so she responded instead with this wounded tweet:

To his credit, Biggs didn’t ignore her message — but he didn’t exactly apologize for his jab, either.

And thus ends today’s edition of American Pie Cast Insult Theater. Tomorrow: Hey, what’s Chris Klein up to these days?

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