By Shirley Li
Updated October 21, 2013 at 03:50 PM EDT
Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

[Spoiler alert!]

Sunday night’s Homeland revealed a shocking twist that seemingly solved all of season 3’s problems: By revealing that Saul and Carrie are working together to hunt Javadi, the show not only explained Saul’s motive for tossing Carrie under the bus but also outlined why Carrie has been trapped in a mental hospital for the past several episodes. By the end of “Game On,” Saul and Carrie looked ready to make their next move.

“This season will begin to pick up [the] pace now,” showrunner Alex Gansa told EW in a postmortem interview. “By the time we move into the last five episodes, we’ll be back in breakneck speed again. In the writer’s room, we’ve been playing a long con too.”

Though that sounds promising, bringing Carrie back in the game hasn’t completely rid Homeland of its current demons — Dana’s still inexplicably on a road trip with Leo, and Brody’s stuck in Caracas.

So tell us, frustrated fans: Are you buying what Homeland‘s selling? What’s your take on the ending of “Game On”? Did it convince you the show knows what it’s doing, or are you wary of its twist? Take the poll below, and elaborate in the comments.

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