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It’s a question that’s plagued Boy Meets World fans for decades: What ever happened to Jonathan Turner?

For those unfamiliar with the saga, a recap: Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) was Shawn (Rider Strong), Topanga (Danielle Fishel), and Cory’s (Ben Savage) motorcycle-riding homeroom teacher at John Adams High. A reluctant but effective authority figure, Turner had a reputation for being part friend, part mentor to his students, but he became much more than that during the latter part of the second season when he became Shawn’s legal guardian and invited Shawn to live with him.

Irreplaceable as this character would seem to be, at the end of the third season, Turner was in a motorcycle accident and was never heard from again. Sorta. We know he didn’t die — in the episode titled “Graduation,” Minkus called out to Turner, who had apparently been on “the other side of the school” the entire time. But what was he up to all those years we didn’t see him? What’d he do with his life? How long did it take for him to get his body cast off?

If all goes according to Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs’ plan, we will find out on the upcoming spin-off Girl Meets World. “If I get my way, you will find out what happened to Mr. Turner, and you will find out what happened to everybody,” he told EW during an interview for the annual EW reunions issue. “[Quinn] was one of the first people who got in touch with me after [Girl Meets World] was announced. And what it made me realize is not only does the audience, but the people who were on the show have a fondness for [the show]. So I will not answer your question…because I will answer the question on the series.”

He asks, however, for patience from returning fans. While everyone is understandably eager to see their favorite characters, he hopes the audience will grant them the time to introduce the new characters — like Cory’s daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). “Remember, it had to begin,” he says. “To the old audience: Bear with us. Be patient. You’ll love these [new characters] and then you’ll get to see everybody.”

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