By Samantha Highfill
October 18, 2013 at 04:35 PM EDT

The success of Netflix’s original series has brought up many questions TV viewers had never had to ask before: Will these shows be included in the Emmy race? Will we be able to get the season on DVD? And most importantly, what does it really mean to binge-watch something?

At this point, those questions have been answered: “Yes,” “yes, if you really want to,” and “a serious lack of sleep.” Now Slashfilm reports that Netflix has thought up an answer to another unknown: What about all those fun DVD extras we typically get when we fork over $40 for a season of our favorite show? Answer: You just might get them for Netflix originals.

Netflix is reportedly thinking about experimenting with bonus features for their original series — think House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. The jury’s still out on what, precisely, that might mean — but in the meantime, here’s what we’d want to see:

More Scandal re-enactments: Watching Taystee and Crazy Eyes re-enact the scene between Olivia and Eli Pope in Scandal‘s season 3 opener was like a dream come true for fans of both shows (they like Scandal too!?). Nothing’s better than watching two Tv worlds collide. Can we get some more, please?

Frank Underwood bloopers: Surely, Kevin Spacey occasionally gets a little tongue-tied when delivering direct-to-camera monologues full of fast-paced dialogue, right?

Behind the scenes at Freddy’s: How do we make those ribs?!

OITNB hair tutorials: From Nicky’s hair to Pornstache’s pornstache, no show is more equipped to give insane hair tutorials than OITNB. I’m not going to say what I need the tutorials for, but I think they’d be very useful.

Bloopers with Bennett: I’ll take prison bloopers of any kind, but if they could feature the adorable Bennett, I would be incredibly grateful.

How to look like a prison inmate: When you see the actors and actresses of OITNB on the red carpet, they’re basically unrecognizable. I want to be in the makeup trailer when they walk in and go from Hollywood actress to prison inmate. What tattoos get painted on? Are they actually wearing any makeup? I want all the secrets, even though I theoretically will never use them.

How to look like Claire Underwood: I’m thinking wardrobe and hair tips from Mrs. Underwood herself. Or maybe Robin Wright just gives us directions to the fountain of youth she clearly drinks from. I’m good with either option.

Behind Frank’s monologues: A look into the writer’s room while they prepare Frank’s best one-liners? Count me in.

Everything Janine: If there’s one thing House of Cards could use more of, it’s time with journalist Janine. She’s so feisty!

Miss Claudette’s book club: The woman was constantly reading — and since we can always use a good book recommendation, Miss Claudette should obviously start her own book club. Hey, if Oprah can do it, Miss Claudette can do it, too.

Got anything to add?