''Pretty Little Liars'' exec producer I. Marlene King answered readers' burning Twitter questions to prep them for the Oct. 22 debut of her spooky spin-off on ABC Family

How are the two towns connected? —@SHAYMITCHNYC
I. Marlene King As the series goes on, the towns [PLL‘s Rosewood and Ravenswood] may become more connected, but in these first five episodes [of the 10-episode first season], it stands on its own because just like on PLL, time moves slowly in Ravenswood — the first five episodes take place over just a couple of days. There’s not a lot of weaving back and forth between Ravenswood and Rosewood. Before we end season 1, there will be more of the worlds colliding.

Is Ravenswood going to have us on the edge of our seats as much as Pretty Little Liars does? —@PIXIEPAPARAZZI
I think even more! It’s a haunted town and scary things happen. You think you’ve settled in for a talky scene where people are having an emotional moment, and all of a sudden a scare will jump out of nowhere. You’re like, ”Oh my God! What was that?”

Is there a chance of #Haleb [Ashley Benson’s Hanna and Tyler Blackburn’s Caleb]? Or will he have another love interest? —@SHIVANEE28
There’s always a chance for anything happening. Great love always survives in Rosewood, and I think it’ll be the same with Ravenswood. I think we’re waiting to see how these stories play out.

Are we going to see Aria [Lucy Hale], Spencer [Troian Bellisario], Hanna and Emily [Shay Mitchell] on Ravenswood? —@JOYCENSORED
There is definitely a plan of action that would bring Hanna to Ravenswood.