U.K. street artist Banksy tackled New York this week with a stall selling his work for $60 in Central Park, a mobile sculpture with “a real live boy,” and a poignant stencil commemorating 9/11 with a flower. Though his graffiti is seemingly harmless, his pieces have become hot sites not only for tagging, but also for fights between his fans and wannabe vandals.

When the artist drew a stencil of the World Trade Center overlooking the Brooklyn Heights promenade, the piece first got peed on by what must be a street art-hating dog, then was power-washed away by the Parks Department. In response, Banksy later unveiled a similar graffiti in TriBeCa. Take that, New York!

The following day led to more drama when a crowd of fans dragged a vandal away from Banksy’s stencil. The artist responded by posting an image on his site of the New York Post‘s story about the NYPD’s efforts to track him down, along with the comment, “I don’t read what i believe in the papers.”

Below, we’ve compiled his latest pieces from the week. Revisit last week’s work here.

October 12, in Manhattan, “Concrete confessional”