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As Andrew Lincoln warned us the other day, some stuff is certainly about to hit the fan on The Walking Dead. People (as in Carl’s buddy Patrick) are dying. Pigs (as in Rick’s farm animals) are dying. And crazy women are walking around in the woods attempting to find meals for their zombie head husbands. So much for there being 30 days without an incident.

So what’s in store next? Well, we’ve got two exclusive images from Sunday’s episode to whet your appetite for more. In the picture above (click on the “Full Size Image” button to see it even bigger), Michonne looks intense as always atop her new horse Flame (which actress Dania Gurira describes as her “man cave”). Where is she rushing to? Or what is she rushing from? Perhaps this gentlemen in the picture below has something to do with it. He seems like he was once an agreeable enough chap. But then someone bit the left side of his head off and everything went to hell. DAMN YOU, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!

We have been warned repeatedly that there will more and more zombies this year, and that the zombies will be more dangerous than ever. Could this fella in the picture below be part of an advancing herd? We will find out for sure on Sunday, but feel free to post your theories as to what we will — or what you would like to — see in episode 2 of season 4 of The Walking Dead.

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