October 17, 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT

Each week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: A few weeks back we saw Tyson offer to take his girlfriend Rachel’s place at Redemption Island if she wanted, and she told him to stay put. This week, Monica asked to take husband Brad’s spot and he declined. Do you think these offers to switch are genuine, or are they simply for show, counting on the fact that their spouse would never ask them to sacrifice themselves like that?

JEFF PROBST: I think it’s a good question. My hunch is that nobody really wants to give up their spot. For instance, I don’t think Rupert really wanted his wife to accept his offer to switch, but he gets so caught up in being Rupert that he sometimes makes decisions that don’t always make the most sense. As for everybody else that has offered to switch thus far, they are probably desperately hoping their loved one declines the offer. It just takes so much to get on the show, I gotta believe they all want to play. That’s why that twist is so fun because it really does force you to “put up or shut up.”

EW: So Candice is eliminated after coming in last place in the duel at Redemption Island. How, if at all, did your impression of her change after her third outing on the show?

PROBST: It hasn’t changed much. I liked her the first time she played. I liked her the second time and I liked her most of all this time. Wait a second, I guess my opinion did change — I grew to like her even more! She’s a really shrewd player, a fierce competitor, she’s beautiful and smart and she doesn’t take any s— from anybody. I don’t even think she takes any s— from her husband. She was at a disadvantage because her and John were our alternates this year, so they arrived very late in the process and I think that was part of the reason she was the person they voted out. Then again, I have no idea why these people make most of the decisions they make — I just speculate. But Candice is definitely on my list of really strong players.

EW: Last night, Aras passed up the easy vote on Laura Boneham, getting the tribe to vote out Laura Morrett instead. He explained this by saying “Easy votes are often the dumbest votes in this game.” But is there also a danger — especially if you’re a former winner — in showing people how hard you are playing this game so early? By being the person to suggest a radical voting strategy, do you also set yourself up as a bigger target? 

PROBST: Probably hard to say for sure — but yes, you are right it’s so dicey, you really have to monitor everything you say and gauge how people are reacting. And it goes on minute by minute, hour after hour, and day after day.  Aras is definitely feeling very confident, and having won this game before, he may know exactly what he’s doing. Devil’s advocate, a former winner can’t hide, so maybe the best move is to just own the target and lead your tribe. Once again, it’s so easy to sit back and talk smack from the comfort of a couch.

EW: So it looks like there will be a shake-up next week. What can you tell us, Jeff?

PROBST: Well, we do like to switch things up….

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