By Hillary Busis
Updated October 16, 2013 at 02:00 PM EDT

Brad Pitt isn’t just an actor — he’s a veritable chameleon, at least where his coif is concerned. But whether his hair is short or long, blond or brown, touchably tousled or grossly greasy, one thing remains constant: If Pitt’s onscreen, chances are he’s also going to chow down at some point.

Don’t believe it? Exhibits A-Z: The following supercut, which compiles some of Pitt’s most memorable munch moments. (Apologies for the alliteration.) He just can’t stop — even when confronted by a jar of Vegemite during a junket!

But what, pray tell, will Brad scarf in Ridley Scott’s upcoming crime thriller The Counselor? We’ll find out Oct. 25, when the actor’s latest project hits theaters.