Imagine this: You’re an odd couple of buddy cops, and it’s been a long day on the beat. So you sit down at the bar and shoot the bull….

Fans of The Heat already saw the ridiculous scene play out in the film’s theatrical release. Now, thanks to an exclusive clip from the film’s DVD/Blu-ray extras, we get to go a little deeper into the psyche of Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). Watch below as the partners cover everything from Mullins’ family life to how the phrase “Don’t let the door hit you on the a–…” isn’t just a parting zing for this rough-and-tumble gal. Also? Let’s just say Mullins misunderstood a few things about 1991 Oscar winner The Silence of the Lambs.

Another scary thought: What if Sandra Bullock makes good on her stated intention to pass on a Heat sequel? EW chatted with director Paul Feig during a Heat screening and dinner at NYC’s Soho House recently. “The script’s been written,” Feig said, adding, “we certainly want her [to sign on for a sequel].” No confirmation yet, of course, but if Feig remains optimistic, perhaps fans can too.

The Heat is out DVD/Blu-ray today.

The Heat
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  • 116 minutes