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Updated October 15, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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If you have yet to hop on the Sleepy Hollow wagon, get out of 1781 already, sir or madam, and join us here. And I’ll tell you why.

This man is Ichabod Crane, who is actually from Colonial America but now lives in the present-day because his witch wife sent him here to save his life.

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This woman is smart, strong-willed and beautiful Lt. Abbie Mills.

Together, the two solve crimes of the weird and spooky while also fending off a much greater evil that threatens the town of Sleepy Hollow. And I’m not talking about plastic (but he seems to dislike that impenetrable barrier, too).

Episode 5, which aired Monday night, is an excellent example of what this series is all about and why so many people are digging it. So let’s break it down: Their case involved a boy who seemed to not only be from another time (not unlike Ichobad) but also infected with a weird, gross, highly contagious disease.

It did things like this to normal people:

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In order to save the town from becoming the center of a global catastrophe, Ichabod and Abbie had to track down the lost town of Roanoke, the boy’s hometown, and investigate the cause. (This is Ichabod helping Abbie across a hidden pathway. What a gentleman.)

Ultimately, they determined they had to return the boy back to his town in order to cure him — and save the residents of Sleepy Hollow. At least, they hoped that’s how it worked. But a problem arose: Before they could develop a plan to break the boy out of the heavily guarded hospital, Ichabod became infected, too.

He came so close to death that he saw his wife, who he learned is stuck in Purgatory.

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Luckily, Abbie is a badass and found a way to save everyone. She returned the boy to the town with Ichabod’s help, and after a quick swim in the Roanoke water supply (which they had determined had healing properties), the town was spared a visit from Pestilence. But an extra twist: After the Roanoke boy was cured, he and his entire town vanished. Apparently, they were all dead all along. (W.T.F.)

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Apparently, ghost boy had turned into flesh and blood when he followed an evil spirit of some kind out of the spirit world. The goal had been for him to bring lots of death and despair to the real world. But those plans were foiled by the best new dynamic duo on TV! Bring it, spirit world.

So, to recap, you should be watching Sleepy Hollow because this show has mystery — like disappearing towns — and lots of heart, thanks to many sweet moments between Abbie and Ichabod.

(“I can’t make it without you.”)

Also, this look of confusion will not get old any time soon:

And then there’s this dude, who just seems like trouble. Wonderful, wonderful trouble.

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