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Last week’s episode of The Originals introduced Klaus’ little sister, Rebekah, to the mix and told viewers all about the backstory behind Marcel’s relationship with the Original family. It also gave us our first Original vampire-Davina showdown and, naturally, put Elijah’s life in danger. So what’s in store now that Hayley gave Rebekah Klaus’ remaining daggers and Klaus (too little, too late!) realized his mistake in handing Elijah over? A masquerade ball, of course.

We caught up with Joseph Morgan to talk tonight’s big event, Klaus’ priority, and when that pesky hybrid baby will come into play:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tonight’s episode marks the first big Originals party. If The Vampire Diaries taught us anything, it’s that big parties equal big drama. Is that a fair statement for this party?

JOSEPH MORGAN: Well this party is actually hosted by Marcel. It’s not an Original evening, although myself and my sister turn up. I can tell you that there will be drama at the party, though not like you might expect. It will come in a very different form I think. We learned a lot about Marcel in episode two, and we’re going to learn a little more about one of his guys this week, Thierry, who’s his cap-wearing right-hand man. We’re going to learn more about him. [Thierry is] played by Callard Harris, who’s really really good, so that’s nice, to get into that and then Marcel’s relationship with his guys. Also we’re going to see a lot of incredibly glamorous people at this Masquerade Ball, which was really a stunning thing to film. But, of course, it wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t a little drama.

Klaus and Hayley had such a nice moment of bonding in episode 2, but she also stole his daggers, so what can we expect with their relationship? Are they heading toward love or hate or what?

First of all, I agree they had a connection and a moment of bonding over their similar feelings about their past or their lack of parental attention. I don’t think it was a romantic moment really. I don’t feel like it was as if that was the start of them falling in love or something. She feels a little bit more like part of the family now. Klaus is most certainly protective over her, or at least protective over the child she carries, which by default is her. So we can expect the family to take her under their wing certainly, look out for her a little more, protect her. I think more of that, although I’m not sure how well she’ll do once the baby is out of her. I’m not sure how much he’ll care at that point. I’m not sure how much she’s just an incubator at the moment. I’ll be interested to see where it goes, but certainly for now she’s safe and she’s under the protection of all the Mikaelsons.

In terms of Klaus’ priorities going into this episode, is he more concerned with getting Elijah back or taking down Marcel?

I think they both are part of the same plan. Now he knows that Elijah is in the possession of Davina, who is this incredibly powerful witch. He’s given Marcel too much of a bargaining chip, so in order to take down Marcel, I think he needs to get back his brother. He won’t be able to take down Marcel without getting back his brother, so I think they’re part of the same seam, really. I mean, if I was to say this episode coming up would be, for Klaus, more about taking down Marcel than getting back Elijah.

Speaking of Davina, Klaus is yet to meet her, but he got a glimpse of her strength last episode when she wiped Rebekah’s memory. Is Klaus scared of Davina? It’s rare that we see him intimidated.

He’s not intimidated of her yet. He’s just heard of her, that’s all. He’s just heard of her that she wiped Rebekah’s memory, which I suppose is a fair feat. Now he knows she’s the way that Marcel controls the witches, but I think he’s yet to be intimidated. Possibly when they come face-to-face, there will be more opportunity for her to intimidate him, but I think at the moment, he’s taking it in stride. We just had that information for him at the end of the episode, so he’s still piecing it together.

Cami and Klaus had that really genuine interaction at the end of the backdoor pilot. Are we going to get any more of that anytime soon?

They’re going to have more interaction. We’re going to learn more about Cami’s history and why that sort of lead her to be a psychology student and to be examining I guess the motives behind evil — Is anyone really evil or do they just do evil things? Can you polarize someone like that? That’s going to be interesting for Klaus, because he certainly hasn’t had that kind of understanding from a human, so there’s going to be an intrigue there for him I think. And then certainly more screen time for those two together, in different ways actually.

The episode description mentioned word possibly getting out about a hybrid baby. Does this episode mark the beginning of a sort of war over this baby?

No, I don’t think so. For Klaus, certainly the third episode is still built around trying to dismantle Marcel’s empire from the inside out. That’s absolutely what he’s driven towards. The baby, it’s not at the center of this war at this point by any means, nor will it be necessarily.

The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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