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October 14, 2013 at 09:46 PM EDT

How crazy is the next season of Doctor Who going to be? Earlier this year, it was announced that the 12th Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi, best known for his foul-language-loving character Malcolm Tucker from the incredible British sitcom The Thick of It. Now Ben Wheatley, the director of such entertaining but extremely violent films as Kill List and Sightseers, has told Screen Daily that he is to oversee the first two adventures of the new season, which will be broadcast next year.

“I’ve been watching the current run of Doctor Who with my son and have discovered it all over again,” Wheatley said. “The work that has been done is amazing. I’m really looking forward to working with Peter Capaldi and finding out where [Doctor Who executive producer] Steven Moffat is planning to take the new Doctor.”

Do Moffat’s plans involve a TARDIS full of both four-letter words and blood splatters? That’s highly unlikely, given the show’s family-friendly rep. But Moffat’s recruitment of a “name” film director is an interesting move and certainly wouldn’t seem to make it less likely that Lord of the Rings auteur Peter Jackson may yet fulfill his ambition of being given control of the TARDIS.

You can check out the trailer for Kill List and the director’s latest film, A Field in England, below.

What do you think of Ben Wheatley directing episodes of Who?

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