By Hillary Busis
October 14, 2013 at 01:56 PM EDT

Well, ain’t that a kick in the head with an over-the-knee vinyl stiletto fetish boot?

Just when everyone had finally started to accept that Charlie Hunnam would play Christian Grey — millionaire, dominant, lip-bite enthusiast — in the film version of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, the Sons of Anarchy star went and dropped out of the movie. (Blame “scheduling conflicts,” though plenty of conspiracy theorists aren’t buying that excuse.)

Now your mom’s most highly anticipated movie of 2014 is in flux once more, which means we’re in for another flurry of casting rumors — as well as another wave of actors saying they will definitely, definitely not be taking on Christian. So before the cycle begins anew, let’s take a moment to consider who might step into Hunnam’s motorcycle boots. Calling all blue-eyed Adonises — finally, it’s your time to shine!

Matt Bomer

The people’s choice for Christian Grey could be back in the running now, provided he’s actually interested in the part — though that small detail won’t matter much to the mastermind behind this petition. As she wrote this weekend when the news about Hunnam’s exit broke: “I’M SO FREAKING OUT LIKE YOU GUYS I CANT BELIEVE THIS I’M SO HAPPY AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY IT’S LIKE A MIRACLE I DONT KNOW GUYS.”

Ian Somerhalder

Many Fifty Shades fans have spent over a year yearning for this smoldering, smirking Vampire Diaries star to snag the role of Christian. He’s certainly a great physical match for the part — though if the demands of SOA filming forced Hunnam to step down, it seems unlikely that Somerhalder could finagle the scheduling.

Henry Cavill

A. Look at him. B… Look at him. Game, set, match.

Stephen Amell

Speaking of superheroes (and CW stars): The Arrow actor said in March that he had already had a meeting with the Fifty Shades folks. His fans will tell you he’s got an impressive range as an actor — not to mention abs for days, which may matter more in the long run.

Alex Pettyfer

EW’s initial choice for the part has the whole sexy-but-sensitive thing down, a vital asset for any Grey wannabe. As Stephan Lee wrote in April 2012, “Christian is supposed to be a strange mix of young and old — he might run a big corporation and speak like an 80-year-old man, but there’s a youthful vulnerability that Anastasia sees in him.”

James Deen

Lord knows an actual porn star would have a lot of fun with the role. Plus, have you seen his beautiful eyes?

Robert Pattinson

Juuuust kidding!

Who’s your pick for Christian?

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