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Updated December 19, 2019 at 11:39 PM EST
Credit: Kevin Lynch/ CBS; Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Mathieu Young/The CW
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Credit: Kevin Lynch/ CBS; Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Mathieu Young/The CW

Scoop on the Bones wedding (and honeymoon)! Fresh Arrow dish that hits the target! And some answers on how NCIS: LA will deal with a real-life baby twist. All that and more in this week’s Spoiler Room.

Enjoy. Consume. Be merry. And send all follow up questions to!


Here comes the forensic anthropologist, all dressed in…well, you know the song. It’s time for a Bones wedding, guys! And after getting a chance to see an early cut of the long-awaited Oct. 21 episode, I can tell you it’s worth the wait. But don’t believe me. Believe David Boreanaz, who chatted up the episode when talking to Mandi Bierly last week and called the hour a tribute to the fans. “I wasn’t happy with the first draft of the vows,” he reveals. “I just wanted to have [it be] sort of a history lesson as to why they were getting married, how they were getting marred, why they did it and give back to the fans what they’ve been waiting for a long time.” The end result more than accomplishes that; I promise. I may have cried.

Something that might help you dry your tears, though: a peek at what comes after the nuptials! “Our honeymoon is hilarious,” says Boreanaz. “We go to Argentina…Booth just wants to kick back and have a beer and Brennan can’t do that. She doesn’t know how to relax.” What Brennan does know how to do is find a case, which is exactly what she does when the pair make an oddly-timed stop a morgue. “[Booth] wanted to go to the waterfall pools, but she says there’s fecal matter there so that didn’t happen,” he says. “She takes me to a morgue! A MORGUE! Where’s the fun in that? So [he’s], like, in [his] tourist clothes, and there’s a murder and bones don’t connect. And then there we are — solving a crime in Argentina when I should be toes up and cold one.”

I. Can. Not. Wait. (More from Boreanaz here, in case you missed it!)


Enjoy the season premiere of Arrow? So did I! And if you’re anything like me, the episode left you hungry for more. So here are some teases to whet your appetite.

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Just because Daniela Ruah has a baby on board doesn’t mean her NCIS: LA counterpart will as well. In fact, says exec producer Shane Brennan, if all goes according to plan, viewers won’t even be able to tell that Ruah is carrying around more than just her gun these days.

“We won’t be referencing the fact that Dani is pregnant on the show at all,” he says. “And through the magic of television and with great editing and acting and great story lines, the audience won’t even know she’s pregnant. ”

Additionally, he said, his current plans to pack this season with plenty of Kensi and Deeks remains largely unaffected. “Anyone who has followed their relationship is in for a pretty interesting ride,” he says. “There’s going to be a lot revealed about their relationship. It’s going to go beyond the kiss and it’s going to have some pretty amazing ramifications for both of them. And just when you think it might have sorted itself out, late in the season, there is a revelation, about the two of them, I guess — but in particular about Kensi — that will totally rock their relationship.”

The surprise, he says, has been in the works since season 1, “and it’s been sitting there quietly ticking,” he says. “It’s a great arc. Yes, we’ve had to adapt a little because Dani is pregnant, but as a result, it’s become an even more powerful journey for both of them this season.” (Bonus: Check out a sneak peek of episode 100 here.)

SIDE DISHES THIS WAY, with scoop on Supernatural, Hawaii 5-0 and more…

Any plans for Abby to get a new love interest or for her to have a large storyline this season on NCIS? — Laura

“I’m certainly open to it,” says exec producer Gary Glasberg. “I can’t say that we’ve been talking about it right now, but I’m not going to say no. Pauley Perrette is fantastic and can handle anything that’s thrown at her and if the time is right and the opportunity is right and the character is right then we’ll consider it, sure!”

Can you give me any scoop on Palmer’s baby adoption on NCIS? He seemed to be having a hard time in the last episode. Is it going to fall apart? — Gracie

That’s an arc that will continue to play out throughout the season, says Glasberg. “We’ll step away from it from time to time and it’ll resurface, but people should be prepared for a bit of an emotional roller coaster when it comes to that,” he says.

When is Tahmoh Penikett back on Supernatural? Loved him in 9.01 — @Missa110

You weren’t the only one! He was totally great. Sadly, when I spoke with EP Jeremy Carver, he wasn’t quite forthcoming about when (or IF) we’ll see Penikett again. “We’re living in a world where [Zeke] is inside Sam right now, so it’s hard to really address anything beyond that, but I will say that as an actor and as a character he was fantastic,” he said. Personally, I’d count on seeing him again.

Any Parks and Rec scoop? Pretty please with anything but salad on top! — Marie

I like how you bribe, Marie. Here’s what I have, we all know that Leslie is in the middle of some personal (ANN!!) and professional turmoil. And it looks like Ben could fall upon some troubles of his own. “Leslie’s going through this crisis — this recall crisis — and I think in extension, Ben may have some sort of…there may be some sort of career crisis on the horizon for him as well,” teases Adam Scott. What, exactly? He wouldn’t say, but I’d love to hear your guesses.

Can I get some Hawaii 5-0 scoop? — Tonya

“There’s an episode that’s coming up in the future that delves into the origins of Chin Ho’s career with the police and I’m excited for that episode,” dishes Daniel Dae Kim. “It not only illuminates Chin Ho’s relationship with McGarrett’s father but also we learn a little bit more about Chin Ho’s family life when he was younger and the decisions he had to make to become a cop to begin with.”

Is Quinn going to get a love interest this season on Scandal? She deserves something good. Also, might stop her from going all crazy. — Jillian

I agree on the crazy front. But Katie Lowes seems unconvinced that there’s romance in Quinn’s future. “Quinn’s had really bad luck with her lovers — between Jesse Tyler being blown up at Cytron and ripping the scissors out of Gideon’s neck and him dying in her arms. She’s not had the best of luck. She’s kind of like a black widow spider at this point,” she says. “I don’t know whether it’s dangerous for her to be involved with someone or dangerously sexy.”

Once Upon a Time scoopage, please! — Carrie

Speaking of romance…sorry if I’m being a big tease (that’s kinda the point, right?) but Captain Swan fans should pick up the issue of EW on stands Friday. There’s a photo in there that you’ll want to see. That’s all I’m allowed to say for now.

I will take ANYTHING on PLL. — Steph

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Answers are coming. I know, I know, but I really believe it this time. Why? Because when I spoke with creator Marlene King, she had just finished writing the finale. “We promised this was the season for answers and season 4, when we come back in January, really delivers on that and the questions that fans have been waiting for answers on, I think, since the pilot,” she says. “They will get those answers in this finale — it’s just nonstop answers!” In addition to a number of “shocking, shocking twists,” she says the episode is for “the patient fans [who] deserve this episode.” “That’s sort of how we pitched it from the get go when we started this season,” she says. Meanwhile, make sure you pick up the issue on stands Friday, PLL/Ravenswood fans. We asked King some of the questions you submitted via Twitter. Don’t miss it!

I’m so-so on Grey’s this season. Anything that will make me feel better about the rest of the season? — Carla K.

Kevin McKidd seemed really enthusiastic about the episode he’s been busy directing, saying it finds Meredith working on an experimental procedure that could mean big things for her professionally, a tough storyline revolving around Bailey and Ben and some more in the Callie and Arizona saga. “It’s really intense and really interesting,” he says. “I love how [Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw] play together. and I really love working with them.” Moreover, he said to expect an “amazing” storyline with Sandra Oh’s Cristina and Gaius Charles’s Shane. “There’s a lot of combat in my episode.”

SANDRA!! I’m obsessed with AHS: Coven. I’m a little confused. I thought Evan Peters was a series regular and he’s dead. Any hints on how he comes back into the fold? Does he have some magic in him, too? Is he going to be brought back by the witches? — Angie

All very good questions, Angie. In fact, they’re too good. Almost…bewitchingly good…Ahem. I mean, this is what I can say: By the end of the second episode, you will have many of the answers you seek, but I wouldn’t count on seeing Kyle quite like he was before…

Any chance we’re going to get to SEE Dan Stevens on The Tomorrow People? (I miss Matthew!) — Alicia

No plans now, according to Tomorrow People EP Phil Klemmer, but Klemmer says he does recognize how lucky they were to snag Stevens to voice biological computer TIM. “It’s super super cool because usually when a guy leaves one of the most like cherished shows on television, it doesn’t mean that he’s going to land in your lap, but he was just such a nice guy and I had such a good time talking with him” he says. “I was a little intimidated to pitch cousin Matthew on one knee to come play a talking computer, but he was totally charmed by the idea…now the big trick will be how to find out how we can come get him to do a cameo.” Klemmer even has some ideas! While the original series never showed the human being behind TIM (then voiced by Philip Gilbert), Klemmer says with a laugh, “I think Dan Stevens deserves his own flashback story we can find out how he got turned into a computer.”

I’m LOVING Paul Wesley as “Stilas.” Any idea how long he’s sticking around? — Shaunna M.

I can’t say (because I don’t know), but when I was on set recently, Paul Wesley opened up about the intricacies of playing “Stilas.” So I’ll share that with you now: (PS LOVE that nickname, by the way!)

BONUS VID! Ian Somerhalder talks about Damon vs. Silas AND previews a “new dynamic” between Stefan and Damon. If they find him. Wink.

(Mandi Bierly, Lanford Beard and Maricela Gonzalez contributed to this column.)

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