What is it about “Breakfast Can Wait” that Prince loves so much? Since the single dropped a few months back, His Purpleness has gone out of his way to give the track a totally amazing piece of cover art, and now he’s dropped what is probably his most high profile video in years.

In the Prince-free clip, directed by dancer Danielle Curiel, a couple plays out a most important meal of the day-eschewing fantasy before a sudden smash cut sends everyone to a dance studio and finally to a carefully-choreographed roundtable featuring a bunch of freaky masks and a whiff of Budweiser Black Crown.

Check it out below, and dig Prince’s cross-dressing doppelganger.

The rumor is that “Breakfast Can Wait” is a precursor to a new Prince album, though nothing has officially been confirmed. The press release announcing the “Breakfast Can Wait” video does mention that Prince’s band 3rdEyeGirl is expecting to release their debut album Plectrum Electrum early next year.