Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

People and Essie came together this week to celebrate Hollywood’s next generation of talented stars at People’s Ones To Watch event.

L.A.’s trendy Hinoki & The Bird played host to the swanky soiree, which turned out a nice mix of fresh-faced stars on the rise and familiar faces. Read on to find out who Anna Faris, Kathy Griffin, and more had to say about which newcomer they’ve got their eye on right now!

For Faris, who stars on CBS’ new sitcom Mom, Rebel Wilson is the ultimate person to watch in Hollywood right now.

In particular, Faris praised the young actress/comedian for making such daring choices in her career and also said she loves that the industry seems to be changing their views of who can make it in Hollywood.

“One of the benefits of social media is that we’re now sort of in this world where people are accepted for exactly who they are and I personally love it because it means that talent and cream rises to the top a little bit.” said Faris.

Faris also talked a bit about her new show, Mom, and says she loves that it’s “not afraid to go to crazy dark places” despite being a sitcom.

Faris also said she’s really excited to be working with actor Justin Long on the show as well.

“He was on last Monday and I just love him as a person — he’s such a great actor and I just love where our storyline goes this season.” said Faris.

Veteran comedian Kathy Griffin was also in attendance at People’s event and says she enjoys watching the transformation of rising actors like Shia Labeouf.

“He was on that HBO reality show with Ben Affleck for example and they kind of polished him up and how he’s a movie star,” said Griffin. “And you know, we’re there in case anybody goes to rehab — us comedians can comment on it in our live act!”

Fruitvale Station lead Michael B. Jordan who will star alongside Zac Efron and newcomer, Miles Teller in the upcoming R-rated comedy That Awkward Moment, gave it up for musician Kendrick Lamar, calling the rising rapper both “very talented” and “a person with a message when he speaks.”

Jordan also touched on the fact that he enjoys Lamar’s music because he can relate to it on a personal level having grown up in the LA area himself.

“Kendrick came from LA, he really came from some similar circumstances as myself and he’s speaking about some things I go through every day so I really think that’s somebody to watch.” said Jordan.

Finally, “American Girl” singer, Bonnie McKee gave some love to fellow rising songbird, Lorde, calling the 16-year-old indie queen “the most exciting artists” she’s seen recently.

“I think she’s a great songwriter, great singer — very unique and has a great fresh perspective so I think she’s the one to watch right now.” said McKee.