Young, 43, a.k.a. scheming First Lady Mellie Grant, may play a Republican on the deliciously soapy drama (Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC) — but in real life, she's surprisingly democratic when it comes to her music choices

Glenn Gould, Two and Three Part Inventions
”The episode I’m working on right now is really enormous — poor Mellie has never gone through what she’s about to. When I have a lot of worries on my mind, to listen to Gould’s genius is sort of comforting. It’s so all-consuming even though it’s so simple.”

Heart, ”Alone”
”Road trips feel like the ’80s to me. If you’re going to Vegas for the weekend, ‘Alone’ will get you there in 45 minutes. I don’t understand how Ann Wilson was making those sounds. They’re glorious!”

XTC, Skylarking
”My college boyfriend was [comedic songwriter] Jonathan Coulton. He has wicked smart taste in music, and he got me into XTC. I like an album that tells a story, and this was the first time I thought, ‘Oh, this has something to say in a narrative.”’

The Civil Wars, The Civil Wars
”I first found out about them on Twitter. Eric Stonestreet tweeted about the album, and the second I heard it, I bought it — and have often tucked in on a rainy day with a quilt and a cup of tea and an amazing book. That album is so transporting.”

Bonnie Raitt, ”I Don’t Want Anything To Change”
”I did a lot of Broadway, and I’m working on an album because I want people to remember I can sing. This song has been haunting me lately. I’d also love to sing Tom Waits’ ‘Grapefruit Moon,’ but I’m probably three bourbons shy. Or 33. [Laughs]”

Rick James, ”Super Freak”
”Alex Patsavas, who does [Scandal‘s] music, is a genius. She put ‘Super Freak’ in the season premiere, and it hit me in the gut so hard that I actually hunched over. It took an already adrenalized experience and cranked it up to 15. It’s a real game changer.”