In a crowded field of new shows that count Robin Williams and Andy Samberg among their stars, these four supporting players are real standouts

By Melissa Maerz Ray Rahman Sandra Gonzalez and Meeta Agrawal
Updated October 11, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

James Wolk, The Crazy Ones CBS
Crazy may have been built as a father-daughter sitcom for Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, but it’s Wolk’s boy-wonder ad exec who dazzles with his easy charm (and that smile!). Whether he’s crooning with Kelly Clarkson or pitching toothpaste, we’re buying what he’s selling. —Meeta Agrawal

Michaela Watkins, Trophy Wife ABC
Rubber-faced and loose-limbed, the SNL alum infuses sentimental middle ex-wife Jackie with a sincere wackiness that elevates the show. She’s a natural for lines like ”Can you keep Bert tonight? My tai chi class is doing a pub crawl.” —Ray Rahman

Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX
The former Parks and Rec writer is funny-ha-ha and funny-like-the-smell-in-the-fridge as Gina, a precinct admin who drones excellent dating advice: ”Just go on the Internet and search for the phrase ‘I want to buy two movie tickets for a girl who doesn’t like me.”’ —Melissa Maerz

Luke Mitchell, The Tomorrow People THE CW
Mitchell (who you only know if you’re familiar with Aussie soap Home and Away) plays a man who can teleport. But his most impressive trick? Making enigmatic good guy John stick out in a sea of young hotties. —Sandra Gonzalez