What if Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson, Abbie Mills, and Ichabod Crane teamed up to solve crimes and duel mythical headless creatures?

Not that that’s happening, of course. But Thursday night, the writers of Elementary and Sleepy Hollow began a silly mini-feud over Ping-Pong, the attractiveness of their protagonists, and, of all things, socks. The shows even looped in the writers of CSI, who more or less called for a detente.

The “feud” began with the tweets above, as the Elementary staff decided to challenge Sleepy Hollow‘s to Ping-Pong. The tweeting escalated to photos and awkward photoshops, all of which delighted fans, who mostly either sided with a show or demanded crossovers.

But amid all the tweets, the feuding did result in some gems, which we’ve collected below:

A battle of attractive casts began with Elementary

… which prompted Sleepy Hollow to counter with their leading man.

So Elementary tried the cute angle with Clyde the turtle.

And Sleepy Hollow delivered a head. (Not cute, for the record.)

Elementary began to pick at costuming instead.

With this strike, Sleepy Hollow enlisted help from the CSI writers, who didn’t ally themselves with either side, and instead tried to loop in American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy and the AHS writers sadly didn’t respond.

Elementary continued the war, hitting ultimate silliness by presenting its socks as an argument.

And Sleepy Hollow delivered the best photoshop job of the night, with…

Eventually, the shows’ writers stopped feuding (and presumably got back to work), but not before posting one last image:

Pop stars, take note: This is how you should feud on Twitter from now on.

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