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Updated December 20, 2019 at 09:57 AM EST
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Scandal fans aren’t just obsessed with what’s in Olivia Pope’s closet.

Gladiators want to know every detail of the character’s look and lifestyle — from her signature nail polish color to where she bought those fishbowl wine glasses — and they’re getting it thanks to a slew of as-seen-on-TV blogs and Scandal-inspired fashion and beauty stories.

Read on for the rundown of the best sources for intel on Olivia Pope’s hairstyle, skincare regimen, and even her home decor.

Skincare and Makeup

Want Olivia’s flawless complexion? Allure got the scoop on the skincare products used on actress Kerry Washington. Sample tip: A spritz of Mario Badescu’s Fresh Rose Marigold floral water keeps her looking radiant even after hours of filming. For details on Olivia’s makeup, visit the Scandal makeup team’s official Pinterest Page to find out which products are used on the actress — including Giorgio Armani’s Lip Maestro lip color, Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, and NARS eyeshadow in Night Star — and get expert beauty tips. When you’re ready to shop, head to Coolspotters, where you’ll find click to buy links for all of the skincare and makeup products used on the show.


Olivia gives great hair. The Daily Beast analyzed the character’s various styles and says Gladiators can expect to see her sporting “Farrah Fawcett-like side bangs” sometime in season three. Blaq Vixen Beauty offers step by step instructions for recreating her “feathered flip,” — which, according to The Frisky, “looks like Jesus pressed it” — and lists the hair products used by Scandal hairstylist Linda Villalobos.


The D.C. fixer’s signature manicure is easily replicated. The Cut reports that manicurist Lisa Wong — who works with Washington both on and off the set — uses a mix of CND Shellac in Cocoa and Romantique.

Home Decor

Scandal production designer Corey Kaplan gave a behind-the-scenes look at Olivia’s “smooth and feminine” living space, which was inspired by the famed El Royale Apartments in Los Angeles. Lifestyle blog Hooked on Houses tracks down items like her West Elm duvet cover and explores her sleek office. Get decor details straight from the source at Scandal: The Sets Revealed, where Kaplan gives fans a guided tour of all the sets seen on the ABC series.

Wine Glasses

Had a hard day at the office? Skip the martini and treat yourself to a generous pour using Crate and Barrel’s Camille 23 oz. red wine glass, just like the ones Olivia uses at home.

Still want more? Check out PopStyle’s coverage of Olivia Pope’s signature style here, here, and here.

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