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You may think you know Orlando Bloom but we learned a few new fun tidbits today when the actor stopped by EW for a Google+ hangout.

Which debonaire secret agent would Bloom want to play? Which character he’s ever played is his favorite? Read on to hear his answers to these questions and see what else we learned about the heartthrob actor who’s currently making his Broadway debut in Romeo and Juliet!

1. He wants to play James Bond

Orlando Bloom is no stranger to franchise films, but would the British actor ever take on another big franchise?

“I want to play James Bond, are you kidding me?” Bloom announced without hesitation during today’s Google+ hangout. “I’m putting my name in the ring!”

2. His favorite characters are Legolas and Romeo

Lord of the Rings fans, rejoice! Though Bloom says he falls in love with every character he tackles, he feels an extra special connection both to his current role as Romeo and to his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit character, Legolas.

“Legolas is my soul and then Romeo is my heart—really this year, I’ve had the chance to live my characterial dreams — is that even a word, characterial?”

3. He’s a huge fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt, James Franco, and Ryan Gosling — but don’t expect to see him behind the lens anytime soon

In an adorable moment, Bloom spoke candidly about how in awe he is of young actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Franco and Ryan Gosling, hinting that sometimes he feels under accomplished.

“I look at my peers and I go, wow! Some of these young guys…Joseph Gordon-Levitt just directed his first picture and I’m like wow, am I just really slow?” said Bloom. “I’m so impressed with it—I’m amazed!”

“I’m still trying to get the acting thing right!” he said. “Would I like to direct? Maybe one day.”

4. Viggo Mortensen is the person who’s influenced him the most

Bloom didn’t skip a beat in saying fellow Lord of the Rings costar Viggo Mortensen is the actor he’s worked with who’s had the most influence on his career.

The actor said he and Mortensen spent nearly every day filming together during the two years it took to make the Lord of the Rings films because they are the same height and needed to be filmed to look taller than the actors playing the hobbits.

“Viggo Mortensen had the biggest impact on me in terms of approach, dedication, intention, and artistic outlook and I’m nowhere close to how good he is as an artist and I wouldn’t even put myself in the same category as an actor.” said Bloom.

5. He reads poems to himself before taking the stage as Romeo in Broadway’s revival of Romeo & Juliet

When asked by a fan if he has a pre-show routine, Bloom said that aside from doing a physical and vocal warm up to make sure his voice is ready to project to the audience, his solo warm up routine involves reading a poem.

“I have a personal little routine that I do in my dressing room just to kind of get myself mentally prepared to go on stage and part of that is a poem that I read to myself.” said Bloom.

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