By Kyle Anderson
Updated October 10, 2013 at 08:54 PM EDT
Jaap Buitendijk

Though her new album ARTPOP isn’t out until November 11, Lady Gaga will be providing her fans with an ample dose of Gagaosity in the gloriously violent new Robert Rodriguez film Machete Kills, which opens this weekend. (Though it is being marketed as her acting debut, anybody who has seen the third season of The Sopranos knows her acting roots run deeper.)

Not coincidentally, Gaga premiered a new ARTPOP song called “Aura” earlier today, complete with a lyric video that features a ton of teaser footage from Machete Kills. If you like the idea of Danny Trejo throwing knives to the beat of Gaga’s throbbing thump, then the video below should carry you through the next few days.

Give a listen to “Aura” (and watch Cuba Gooding, Jr. pull off his face to reveal Ms. Gaga) below:

Interesting that in “Aura” Gaga asks, “Do you wanna see me naked?” even though she has assumed the answer in the affirmative for years.

ARTPOP is out on November 11, and Gaga just revealed the full track list via a graffiti-fueled Twitter stunt. Check out the entire track list for ARTPOP below.

Lady Gaga, ARTPOP




“Sexxx Dreams”

“Jewels N’ Drugs”


“Do What U Want”





“Mary Jane Holland”




What do you think of “Aura”? How does it compare to “Applause”? And will the presence of Lady Gaga send you to the theaters this weekend to catch Machete Kills?