Yes, you read that headline right. We now have proof that Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest woman to ever walk the earth: More than 50 years after her death, people are still willing to spend money on her facial X-rays, which are being auctioned off at Julien’s Auctions.

According to Vanity Fair, six facial X-rays of Monroe’s have surfaced. Dated June 7, 1962, they hit just one week after her 36th birthday and two months before her death. So why was she getting X-rays? Monroe had complained of “tenderness” in her nose, so she was taken to see plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin. Although he didn’t claim to see any breaks at the time, a medical professional for Julien’s Auctions thinks there could have been a hairline fracture.

Other details revealed from her medical records point to possible plastic surgery. Marked with the alias name “Joan Newman,” Monroe’s records show a one-time claim of “a chin deformity,” which could have been the result of a “cartilage implant,” as well as Monroe being treated for an ectopic pregnancy in 1957, when she was married to Arthur Miller.

“Even though X-rays are not tangible like a musical instrument or clothing it’s part of the story of Marilyn that people are buying,” Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien’s Auctions told Vanity Fair in the story. “There is such a demand for her worldwide even though it is 50 years since she passed away. Honestly, I could have an auction every day for Marilyn Monroe and the items would be sought after.”

The X-rays and medical records are estimated to sell for anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000 and already have interested buyers from across the globe. Oh, Marilyn. We just can’t quit you.