After Paris Hilton’s first album, Paris, took the music world by storm with moving singles like ”Stars Are Blind,” the elder statesman of the new generation of Hiltons is looking to strike gold again seven years later. And this time, she’s got Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment on her team.

With the iTunes release of Paris Hilton’s new single ”Good Time” (ft. Lil Wayne) today, we thought we might help you dig a little deeper into its lyrical artistry so that you, like Paris, might have a good time.

“Are you having a good time?

‘Cause I’m having a good time.”

I always appreciate a song that is just a casual conversation set to house music. I assume this is how Rosetta Stone works. “Are you having a good time?” “Yes, I am having a good time.” Paris Hilton, bringing nations together, one simple English phrase at a time.

“And I might be a bit tipsy”

A call back to the simpler times of J-Kwon’s hit “Tipsy,” which was already a full two years out of relevance when Hilton released her first album, Paris, in 2006. But a savvy artist knows the most classic themes come back in style about once every decade: statement lipstick, kitten heels, using “tipsy” when referring to your actions in ‘da club.

“But that’s OK ‘cause you’re with me”

Paris is right, if you’re going to imbibe, it’s best to do it with an accountability partner.

“I came here just to party

Oh please, don’t you hate on me”

Young artists take note: make your intentions clear. Thesis statements never stop being important. After a strong introductory paragraph, Paris let’s us know that she is here to party and has one polite follow up request: no hatin’ y’all.

“Got my sexy girls with me.

Oh, I love it.”

It’s got sex! It’s got emotion! Oh, I love it!

“Here come the paparazzi

I don’t really give a f**k”

Whoa, Paris has some really deep feelings about the paparazzi! And they are that she does not care about them at all. Sorry, paparazzi.

“Move outta my way,

‘cause I came to party rock.”

Admittedly, Paris missed the mark a little here. “Party Rock Anthem” is about two years from being current and seven years from being a fun call-back.

“Good times are here, and you know they’re here to stay

If you’re not here to party, move and get out of the way”

Girl always knows how to bring me back down to earth. Here I was, hating on Paris’ dated terminology, trying to get in the way of her party. That’s no way to have a “good time” and surely the type of behavior that would get me kicked out of her very fun pool party.

Lil Wayne has some further thoughts on the matter, but as we can’t print most of what he raps.

“It’s Paris Hilton, b**ch!”

With this final reference to Britney Spears’ 2007 comeback song, Gimme More, do Paris and Lil Wayne solidify that they’re not merely ripping catchy phrases from other artist’s songs, but have created “Good Time” as an anthology of some of the best club bangers from the last decade?

Decidedly not. But there’s always a message if you look hard enough.