John Lennon Star
Credit: Michael THURSTON/AFP/Getty Images

Nothing says “Happy Birthday, John Lennon”like a little nonsensical graffiti on the former Beatles’ Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

The star which sits outside the Capitol Records building was defaced Saturday night by unknown vandals, and scrubbed clean by Monday. We couldn’t have Lennon’s star looking all messy for his 73rd birthday on Wednesday.

The not-so-clever and perhaps Beatles-ignorant vandals adorned the star with a smiley face, a spotted toadstool, peace signs, and phrases like, “it cost a lot 2 win and even more 2 lose. U & me got to spend sum time.”

Yes, Beatles and Lennon lovers, those are the lyrics to “Deal,” a Robert Hunter-penned Grateful Dead song. Fan tributes work in mysterious ways. But this was just idiotic. We’d warn of a Lennon retaliation against Jerry Garcia’s star…but the prolific Dead frontman doesn’t even have one of his own.