Katniss Barbie
Credit: Laura Hertzfeld

You still have to wait 44 days until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters, but in the meantime you can think up your own scenes with your favorite characters, as Katniss, Peeta, Effie, and Finnick are all getting the Barbie doll treatment. Mattel is releasing the dolls at New York Comic-Con this week.

While the Peeta, Finnick, and Effie dolls are new, it’s not Katniss’ first time at the Barbie rodeo — she was made into a doll for the first Hunger Games film as well.

We got to spend some time getting to know the characters (and acting out a few scenes!) at Mattel’s design headquarters recently. Check out our trip to Mattel and our interview with Lead Designer for Barbie, Bill Greening, below.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire dolls are also available for pre-order on

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