Well, at least the characters from the beloved NBC political drama do: In a twist on fan fiction, a bevy of unidentified fans are keeping the show's personalities alive on Twitter (even the ones who died on the show — R.I.P. Mrs. Landingham); here's a dossier on the most interesting ''West Wing'' character feeds

By Shirley Li
October 04, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Josiah ”Jed” Bartlet
President of the United States
Boasting 56,000-plus followers, @Pres_Bartlet not only voices opinions on current events — recently supporting gun control and gay marriage — but also gives inspiring, patriotic speeches in multiple tweets.
Who’s Tweeting? The person is clearly a Sorkin devotee, as he or she is reportedly also behind @WillMcAvoyACN, a riff on Jeff Daniels’ Newsroom character, Will McAvoy.
Most Presidential Tweet ”We can face darkness with light, fear with bravery, hate with love. These are skills we possess. We should use them more.”

C.J. CRregg
White House Press Secretary and President Bartlet’s Chief of Staff
This C.J. is more publicly opinionated than her PR-savvy show counterpart but just as quippy, offering commentary on everyone from George Zimmerman to Ariel Castro.
Who’s Tweeting? A “study” on Twitter fan activities revealed that this unidentified person began the account to help get her voice heard.
Least Political Tweet “OK, I admit there is nothing anyone can do and it has nothing to do with politics or working in The West Wing, but my left big toe hurts.”

Sam Seaborn
Deputy Communications Director and Onetime Congressional Candidate
This Sam regularly tweets at his “colleagues” and likes to recommend links, including a profile of Hillary Clinton and a video of Allison Janney, the actress who played C.J., doing “The Jackal” on The Arsenio Hall Show recently.
Who’s Tweeting? For all we know, “Sam” could be Rob Lowe himself — the actor follows and sometimes tweets at the account.
Cheekiest Tweet “@joshualyman you know what we need? A show about good, flawed people trying to lead the country.”

Mrs. Landingham
Executive Assistant to President Bartlet
Echoing her former boss, this Mrs. Landingham occasionally comments on the news, but more often checks in on and offers others her famous homemade cookies.
Who’s Tweeting? It’s unclear, but potentially divine? The dearly departed Mrs. Landingham’s account is described as “Tweeting from #UpOnHigh.”
Most Encouraging Tweet “Oh hello William @WillMcAvoyACN, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, dear. Keep up the good work.”

Josh Lyman
Deputy Chief of Staff
The real character may have declared the Internet an “unusual social structure,” but this Josh really understands the Web, tweeting commentary on political happenings that has attracted power-player followers like Mike Allen of Politico.
Who’s Tweeting? The user behind the account, whom EW tracked down after a few DMs, won’t reveal his or her identity but did say: “I am motivated by a desire to affect politics in positive ways in keeping with the optimistic spirit of the show.”
Most Meta Tweet “Victory is ours, victory is ours: @netflix has added all seasons of the Bartlet documentary to instant streaming. #westwing”

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