Hell On Wheels

When we spoke to Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount at the start of season 3, he said that Cullen’s run-in with a Mormon family in the two-hour premiere would come back around. He wasn’t lying.

In Saturday’s season finale, the family’s patriarch wants kidnapped Cullen to hang. (Cullen had hanged the man’s son after the boy took the blame for killing Cullen’s chief of railroad police during a dispute over property.) Adding to the drama: As the railroad deadline looms, Elam (Common) mounts a one-man rescue attempt, and The Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl), who’s posing as a Mormon bishop, finally comes face-to-face with Cullen (for the first time since Cullen tried to hang him for killing Lily Bell in season 2 finale’s and the Swede escaped). Watch an exclusive sneak peek below.

The Hell on Wheels finale airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC, following a season 3 marathon that kicks off at noon ET.

Hell on Wheels
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